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What is Speech Language and Development

If your child does not produce his meaningful words at the age of 1, if he does not have a semi-understandable speech including two words by the age of 2, 3 to 4 and more words at the age of 3, his language skills might be delayed.


The child is expected to try to communicate in various ways, understands the directions coming from the environment, and can sometimes express himself, albeit in a word. The comprehension of the language is usually better developed than language expression skills.

Some Symptoms that Indicate Disruptions in Speech and Language Development

Delayed language doesn’t just develop due to a cognitive or physical problem. Even without a specific reason, language delay can be seen in the child.


Nowadays, often the lack of stimuli causes a delay in children’s speech and language skills. With the assessments and the guidance & intervention made by the speech pathologists, the causes of the problem, if any, are tried to be found.


Starting the intervention (therapy) as early as possible is very important for delayed speech and language. It is very important for the child to reach the same language level as his age peers as soon as possible in order to build his self-confidence, and learn to communicate. 


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